Sunday, 25 August 2013

Yarn bombing, yummy yum and yay!

Hello all,

I've been very naughty (tut tut) and haven't blogged for a week, but I'm back - yay!
I recently got a new phone (yay) which I've had to teach mum how to use, I tested out the camera on it when we went to look at a yarn bombing someone had done on the seafront.
(These weren't from my phone.)


We also went shopping and we bought...
(sounds like a game)

...a teacake tin in the shape of a giant teacake!

Yummy :)

We will be at the Wells moat boat race tomorrow so pop down if you can!

I'm just popping over to see the other lovely blogs on handmade Monday...

Bye x


  1. Thank-you for all your help ! Mum x

  2. Oh now I want a tea cake and the shops are shut!!! I love those, with the squidgy mallow and bit of jam.

  3. I love that tin! My mum just did a blog post about tunnocks tea cakes and that would be a good present for her!!

  4. I couldn't comment on your blog last week so sorry but I wanted to say congratulations on the craft fair - you did really well. That yarn bombing looks great, as does the cake tin - now to fill it with yummy cakes :)

  5. That yarn bombing does look amazing. Such a lot of work.

  6. Those penguins are adorable! Such fun..

  7. Are you sure you didn't do those penguins? ;) I love the teacake tin, I hope it was full of teacakes to munch on!

  8. The yarn bombing is amazing, imagine someone going to all that effort? Brilliant! Your teacake tin is awesome - I want one! I seem to collect tins in the shape of things and M&S can be a great place to get them - I've got one shaped as a custard cream and one of a jammy dodger that I've bought there over the last couple of years. Have fun with your phone x

    1. Thanks, Mum collects the m&s tins too - she got a couple in the jubilee and has got ones she's seen/liked since. :)

  9. Isn't that yarn bombing wonderful. I really like the teacake tin. I think I might just have to get myself one. Good job your around to help your Mum with her phone.
    Ali x