Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Ra Ra skirt workshop and lots of lovely fabric!


Today I did the teen skirt making workshop at the gorgeous Millie Moon in Frome!
We made pattern less Ra Ra skirts out of polka dot and plain fabrics.

Making the skirt!

As they were all one size I had to add an extension panel on the top so it didn't look like a frilly belt, but a bit of ribbon and the skirt was perfect.
The finished product!

 I had an amazing time and it was great fun! All the people at Millie Moon are especially lovely and Anna the tutor for today's course was very patient with me when I had to add the panel!

(I was so happy when it was done I secretly did a little dance!)

The shop!
I Just want to say a massive thanks to everyone at Millie Moon for an amazing day!
You can find their website here.
(They have lots of lovely fabrics!)
Keep sewing,

p.s keep your fingers crossed as I get my ballet exam results today!



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