Sunday, 17 November 2013

Christmas is coming...

I know its only November, but someone on the radio has already put up their tree!
I'm very sorry I promised a tutorial last handmade Monday but I have had a mountain of homework! So here it is, paper gift bag tutorial.

Take your flat piece of paper, and fold it lengthways.

Then unfold it and fold widthways.
Fold the corner into the middle like you're making a paper hat.

And the other corner...

Here comes the tricky bit, push the outer sides of the triangles into the middle and flatten them down, to create the same shape just with the folds on the inside.


Take the front flap on one side and fold it into the middle.
 Then fold it again. Repeat both sides.


Flip over and repeat, you should end up with something like this.
Fold up the bottom triangle...
... then let it go. Fold over the top, you could fold in the corners to neaten them if you want.
Open it out...
Then crease the bottom. Now you have your bag! You could punch a hole in the top and tie it with ribbon to make a gift bag, (you need a very big piece of paper for this) or you could make lots of teeny tiny ones and string them up to make an advent calendar - its really up to you and depends on the size of the paper.
Sorry for the delay, anyway I'm off to check out the other blogs on handmade Monday!
Ps Its only 37 sleeps till the big day!

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Cupcake-ing and a little bit of shopping


I have been extremely naughty (tut tut) and haven't blogged lately but I'm back. There has been a lot going on lately, the new 500 books arrived at school, I have been baking like crazy and I had my first stall all by myself!

But today I have been to a Halloween cupcake workshop in the crafty teacup cafĂ© ! I had a brilliant time learning how to decorate cupcakes with a spooky twist! The morning consisted of learning techniques and tricks to create wonderfully scary cakes.
Me and my cakes!

Busy making pumpkins!

I had a wonderful morning and came home with four decorated cupcakes we can have for tea. I learnt everything from making edible glue to stiffening fondant, and now I cant wait to make more!

Onto other things, I had my first stall on my own and I sold two penguin cushions!


The other day we went to Cribbs for a spot of shopping and visited the brand new Lakeland! I have just had a major wardrobe sort out and picked up some new clothes!!! (exited face) And we visited all the Christmas displays!!!! But at the end of the day we were dropping!
Soon I will post a tutorial on some new paper gift bags ready for the (dare I say it) festive season as it is only 58 sleeps to go till the big day!
Before I go I would just like to say I am on Instagram now where you can see my penguin fabric that I made the cushions out of!
Till next time. :)
PS pop over to Handmade Monday to check out everyone else's blogs!

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Campervan Chaos!

Hi all!
Lately I've been very busy so haven't posted but I'm back!
I started school again the other day so have been settling back in, I've been invited to a party next weekend and as the host is a campervan addict I came up with a new product!

Hard at work!
Unfortunately blogger wont let me post a photo of the bag but I'll see what I can do for next time...

Also to add to the collection...

A campervan cushion! It was a long, hard decision between the reds/blues (what you can see here) and the greens/pinks it also came in!
The other day it was Mum's birthday ( coincidentally my last day of the holiday ) so I decided I would make her the choclotiest chocolate cake known to man!

Complete with homemade chocolate lollies!
Dad was worried I'd give every one a coronary! My cooking teacher asked if everyone liked it and I said I didn't know but seeing as there is only half of it left I hoped so. There is none left by the way.
Also a couple of weeks ago we visited Wells Moat boat race! Teams decorate rafts and dress up for a fancy dress contest followed by several races -  I thought I'd share a photo or two!

Right now I'm off to check all the other fabulous blogs on Handmade Monday!
That's all from me for now,
In a Pickle

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Yarn bombing, yummy yum and yay!

Hello all,

I've been very naughty (tut tut) and haven't blogged for a week, but I'm back - yay!
I recently got a new phone (yay) which I've had to teach mum how to use, I tested out the camera on it when we went to look at a yarn bombing someone had done on the seafront.
(These weren't from my phone.)


We also went shopping and we bought...
(sounds like a game)

...a teacake tin in the shape of a giant teacake!

Yummy :)

We will be at the Wells moat boat race tomorrow so pop down if you can!

I'm just popping over to see the other lovely blogs on handmade Monday...

Bye x

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Parties, Penguins and pottery painting


Yesterday we were at Puriton Party in the Park, a family event with live music that stretches well into the evening with crafts, BBQ and entertainment. It was a good day for In a Pickle as I sold 3 cushions, 2 lots of mini bunting and a bookmark!

Me with Bongo the baby owl!
I had a fab day painting birthday pressies with purr - fect pottery, I painted 2 bowls for my Aunts.
The weather was a bit dull but lots of people turned out.
Today me and Mum went down the seafront and had a look at a few stalls set up, the clouds are starting to disappear and the sun is shining away so I think I'm going to relax now, I was planning to bake but we ran out of eggs. :(

Looking forward to next week as a friend is coming over - I better tidy up!

New Bunting - coming soon!


It's my first Handmade Monday so I'm looking forward to seeing all the other blogs!

Keep Sewing xxx

Friday, 16 August 2013

Butterfly, butterfly fly away

Mum's been nagging 24/7 lately about making new stock, so I finally got round to making this butterfly bunting. The butterflies are a Michael Miller design and look fab with the spots ( If I say so myself!)

Too cute!
I've also taken some new stock photos of my cushions to add to my Facebook page! Here are a couple.

Laura Ashley fabric
Watch this space for Dr Seuss and Little Red Riding Hood Bunting! Anyway Check out my blog being on Millie Moon's Facebook Page!
I have my parents all to myself this weekend as my brother is of to London for a competition - wish him luck! And I have a few things lined up for next week - watch this space.
Keep sewing!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Summer Holidays!


I've realised I'm half way through the holiday and haven't done as much as I've wanted to. In previous years summer activities were put on hold due to injuries, but this year I planned to make up for this. So far I've:

Visited The Wild Place

Almost There...
Been to Guide Camp:

Been to Nunney Street Fair:


And had the results for my Grade 4 ballet exam - I got a Merit!

But I plan to do so much more - starting with a sleepover - bring on summer!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Ra Ra skirt workshop and lots of lovely fabric!


Today I did the teen skirt making workshop at the gorgeous Millie Moon in Frome!
We made pattern less Ra Ra skirts out of polka dot and plain fabrics.

Making the skirt!

As they were all one size I had to add an extension panel on the top so it didn't look like a frilly belt, but a bit of ribbon and the skirt was perfect.
The finished product!

 I had an amazing time and it was great fun! All the people at Millie Moon are especially lovely and Anna the tutor for today's course was very patient with me when I had to add the panel!

(I was so happy when it was done I secretly did a little dance!)

The shop!
I Just want to say a massive thanks to everyone at Millie Moon for an amazing day!
You can find their website here.
(They have lots of lovely fabrics!)
Keep sewing,

p.s keep your fingers crossed as I get my ballet exam results today!




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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Hello world!

This is my first post! (Yay)
I hope to fill my Blog with pages full of all the things I love (mainly penguins) and all the things I make, I want to share them all with you on my quest to get crafty.

P xxx