Sunday, 17 November 2013

Christmas is coming...

I know its only November, but someone on the radio has already put up their tree!
I'm very sorry I promised a tutorial last handmade Monday but I have had a mountain of homework! So here it is, paper gift bag tutorial.

Take your flat piece of paper, and fold it lengthways.

Then unfold it and fold widthways.
Fold the corner into the middle like you're making a paper hat.

And the other corner...

Here comes the tricky bit, push the outer sides of the triangles into the middle and flatten them down, to create the same shape just with the folds on the inside.


Take the front flap on one side and fold it into the middle.
 Then fold it again. Repeat both sides.


Flip over and repeat, you should end up with something like this.
Fold up the bottom triangle...
... then let it go. Fold over the top, you could fold in the corners to neaten them if you want.
Open it out...
Then crease the bottom. Now you have your bag! You could punch a hole in the top and tie it with ribbon to make a gift bag, (you need a very big piece of paper for this) or you could make lots of teeny tiny ones and string them up to make an advent calendar - its really up to you and depends on the size of the paper.
Sorry for the delay, anyway I'm off to check out the other blogs on handmade Monday!
Ps Its only 37 sleeps till the big day!