Sunday, 8 September 2013

Campervan Chaos!

Hi all!
Lately I've been very busy so haven't posted but I'm back!
I started school again the other day so have been settling back in, I've been invited to a party next weekend and as the host is a campervan addict I came up with a new product!

Hard at work!
Unfortunately blogger wont let me post a photo of the bag but I'll see what I can do for next time...

Also to add to the collection...

A campervan cushion! It was a long, hard decision between the reds/blues (what you can see here) and the greens/pinks it also came in!
The other day it was Mum's birthday ( coincidentally my last day of the holiday ) so I decided I would make her the choclotiest chocolate cake known to man!

Complete with homemade chocolate lollies!
Dad was worried I'd give every one a coronary! My cooking teacher asked if everyone liked it and I said I didn't know but seeing as there is only half of it left I hoped so. There is none left by the way.
Also a couple of weeks ago we visited Wells Moat boat race! Teams decorate rafts and dress up for a fancy dress contest followed by several races -  I thought I'd share a photo or two!

Right now I'm off to check all the other fabulous blogs on Handmade Monday!
That's all from me for now,
In a Pickle