Sunday, 18 August 2013

Parties, Penguins and pottery painting


Yesterday we were at Puriton Party in the Park, a family event with live music that stretches well into the evening with crafts, BBQ and entertainment. It was a good day for In a Pickle as I sold 3 cushions, 2 lots of mini bunting and a bookmark!

Me with Bongo the baby owl!
I had a fab day painting birthday pressies with purr - fect pottery, I painted 2 bowls for my Aunts.
The weather was a bit dull but lots of people turned out.
Today me and Mum went down the seafront and had a look at a few stalls set up, the clouds are starting to disappear and the sun is shining away so I think I'm going to relax now, I was planning to bake but we ran out of eggs. :(

Looking forward to next week as a friend is coming over - I better tidy up!

New Bunting - coming soon!


It's my first Handmade Monday so I'm looking forward to seeing all the other blogs!

Keep Sewing xxx


  1. Hey Pickle! Nice to see your blog here this week :-) Lovely to hear that you did well at the fair - always a great feeling! Cute penguin bunting too! Simmi x

  2. I love your penguin fabric! Glad you had a great day at the fair. And welcome to Handmade Monday!!

  3. I also like your penguins, and the flower fabric above, which is a bit retro.

  4. Well done on your sales. Your bunting looks really pretty and the fabric for the next lot is gorgeous.
    Ali x

  5. Congratulations on starting your own blog and linking up with Handmade Monday. I really love your penguin bunting - its very cute. Congratulations on your sales too.

  6. Welcome to Handmade Monday!

    Well done for doing so well at the fair, i know these things can be hit and miss so its lovely to hear that your makes were in such high demand :) Looking forward to seeing your new bunting, the fabric is so pretty! x

  7. Welcome! Gorgeous seafront shot - so much lovely space! - and I'm a such sucker for happy bunting! Congrats on your sales, see you next time! :)

  8. Well done selling your stock! Like the penguin bunting! :) x

  9. Hi, Well done on the sales - sounds like a good day. Look forward to seeing the new bunting. xx

  10. I so enjoyed reading your blog. You are so talented and the buntings you design are lovely!