Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Eden Project!


I'm back! Although for how long I'm not sure!

On Sunday we went down to Cornwall for the day and visited the Eden Project, It's a great day out and if you haven't been I can highly recommend it. We visited both indoor biomes and spent all afternoon in the sunny outdoor one. Dad and I also went on the skywire, England's longest and fastest zip wire!
Waterfall in the rainforest biome.

This sculpture is made of 3.3 tonnes of thrown away
electrical goods. This is the amount an average person
throws away in a lifetime.
After the sky wire we visited the Mediterranean biome. The biome showed parts of South Africa, the Mediterranean and California. It was full of gorgeous plants of every colour.

There was even a little cafĂ© that used chillies grown in the biome itself.
The day was lovely and sunny and there was so much to do - this is a fraction of the pictures I took!

Now I'm off to tidy my room for a sleepover this week and looking forward to a trip to IKEA tomorrow!
Until Then:)

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